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Featured Artist: Ellen McDowell

Ellen McDowell (Parnaby) is a Galesburg native. She has lived in many places during her lifetime, but affectionately refers to Galesburg as her home. McDowell started a personal journey a few years ago to try and be a better version of herself. It all started with a walk down her country road, and then “Wanderings…” began to unfold.

As the heaviness in her life began to lift, her eyes and spirit opened to nature and it has offered her the most beautiful moments that have filled her heart with a passion for life and “seeing” everything around her. McDowell's photography is shot from her phone. It is her paint brush, canvas, and clay … it is the medium that she has fallen in love with. She doesn’t set out to find the perfect picture, but rather, just wanders and lets the moments of joy happen. She chooses happiness, and hopes that is what her photos convey. You can follow McDowell's journey on Facebook: Ellen McDowell (Parnaby) and also on Instagram @ellebelles45

McDowell in the BCA Gift Shop

Our newest BCA Gift Shop artist and current James Keefe Gallery Featured Artist is Ellen McDowell of Galesburg, Illinois. Ellen takes photographs of nature with her phone and writes: “My phone is my paint brush, canvas and clay … it is the medium that I have fallen in love with. I don’t set out to find the perfect picture, but rather I just wander and let the moments of joy happen. I choose happiness and hope that is what my photos convey.” Ellen has created beautiful cards from her photographs that sell for $6 each. Her framed photographs sell for $95 each. She has an extensive collection of lighthouses, beaches, water, flowers, and sunshine. BCA members receive 10% off any gift shop or gallery purchases.

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