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Featured Artist: Chelle Diederich

Updated: May 15

January/February featured artist in the James Keefe Gallery is Chelle Diederich. Chelle Diederich, an oil painter based in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, is interested in painting with bright colors, joyful aesthetics, and the big thoughts, feelings, & emotions that enter her mind. She graduated from Monmouth College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in art, business administration, and French, and later from St. Norbert College with a Master of Business Administration degree. A Philosophy of Art class in France fueled her interest in the way gothic cathedrals use light and color to honor their faith and tell stories through the work in stained glass windows.

While she no longer identifies as Catholic, the inspiration and memories of the stained-glass windows remained and are featured in many of her works. Her signature style of oil painting is created by thinning out the oil paint and building layers of color that are rich in intensity and intrigue. She has been experimenting recently with the use of more texture, mark making, and combining her sewing and crafting skills to add more depth to her work. Chelle’s current works explore themes of growth, mental health, joy, and self-actualization.

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