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Kent Broadbent: "Energy"

Opening May 7 in the BCA Gallery is the collection of abstract paintings by Kent Broadbent, on view through June 28, 2024. We are also pleased to share as an extra bonus for this exhibitthe 3D work of Monmouth College senior, Alivia Palicki, with her "Ending Times" series. 

Gallery reception 5-7pm Friday, May 10. This event is free and open to the public and sponsored by Bill & Sandy Wallace. See you in the gallery!

Artist credit: "That Sixty's Show" cold wax and oil, $900

Kent Broadbent, a long-time resident of the Annawan, Illinois area, grew up on the family farm his great grandfather purchased in 1865. Kent and his wife Cheryl still serve as caretakers of that homestead. Kent attended a small rural school and developed an interest in art when he was 12 years old. His mother believed that Kent and his siblings needed to develop their talents and encouraged them to develop and enjoy their skills and interests. The high school that Kent attended did not have art classes, so his mother helped him get into night art classes from a local teacher, and to his delight, she later joined him in the classes. Kent has fond memories of that time in his life.

As time went on, Kent departed the family farm to attend Illinois State University. Although he graduated with a degree in psychology, he took numerous painting and sculpture classes, and continued to take drawing classes at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois after his graduation. He returned to the family farm and took over the farming operation. Shortly after returning to the area, he married the love of his life, Cheryl.

Kent dabbled in painting for a short time after he returned to the farm, but life got in the way. He later worked in the financial industry as a loan officer for the bulk of his career.  During that period of his life, the time spent on art diminished. He always had it in the back of his mind that when he retired, the brushes would once again be full of fresh paint. In 2010, he was diagnosed with cancer, and decided to again pursue his interest in art. He was painting again with new enthusiasm and a newfound love and appreciation of life and art.

His joy of painting is evident to this day with the vivid colors he uses and the energy of his personal style. Kent believes the cancer diagnosis was a blessing in disguise and serves as his inspiration to create art. His preferred style is directed toward abstract expressionist lines, although he occasionally dabbles in abstract landscapes from walking in the country around his farm. During the last five years, he has been working exclusively in cold wax and oil and loves the unique depth and richness that medium provides.  He has won numerous awards for his impressive work and his paintings are on permanent display in various regional locales. His first solo exhibit was in 2015, and Kent has been selling work to private collectors since. He continues to be very active in the art arena and does solo and dual exhibitions, along with juried shows. His website is: and he welcomes inquiries at

Alivia Palicki is a 2024 graduate of Monmouth College with a Bachelor of Arts in Art. Palicki's installation is her interpretation of the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse." These ravens represent her ability to construct realistic horror in a physical space. She also contributes her interpretation to the idea of apocalyptic fear, as it illustrates a modern take on horror. Many non-traditional materials were used to craft these ravens. With the assistance of Monmouth College Professor Stacy Lotz, she developed a new understanding of plaster and malleable materials. It is her intent that this type of art will lead to future opportunities in which she can create similarly themed structures for film or media ventures.

Artist credit: "Ending Times" mixed media sculpture, inquire with artist

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