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Ximena Barreto

NEW GIFT SHOP ARTIST! Ximena Barreto is a mixed media photography artist based in Macomb, Illinois. Originally from Lima Peru, she uses photography as her main form of artistic expression and adds embroidery and watercolor. She experiments with different techniques and materials to obtain unique results. For her, the art process is as valuable and enjoyable as the result. Her works range in price from $175-$363. BCA members receive 10% off gift shop and gallery purchases.

The first piece is an angel statue photo on embroidered burlap canvas.

Black and white photo of the angel at the top of Lima’s (Peru) main square. It has been sewn on a burlap canvas. Embroidery with different greens, white and black threads over the burlap.

It comes with an attached sawtooth hanger so you can hang it directly on the wall for a more modern look. You can also choose to add an extra frame (not included).

Printed in glossy photo paper


The second piece is a blue button photo over embroidered denim.

Vintage blue button from Ximenas mom’s collection. The photo has been printed in a circular Epson cotton paper with embroidery in the border. Background of up-cycle denim embroidered with colorful French knot stitches. New brown wooden frame.


The Third piece is a basswood leaf photo on watercolor embroidered background.

This is a basswood leaf Ximena found on her walks in Macomb. This Mixed media piece has the photo cut in the shape of the leaf over a dark brown watercolor background that has been embroidered with copper and golden color threads. The up-cycled oval wooden frame has been painted in golden color.

Photo printed in Epson cotton paper.


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