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The Flexibility of Fiber Arts

Jeanne Clark is an artist from Henderson, Illinois who creates felted scarves, necklaces, vessels, and PUMPKINS!! Yes, pumpkins…and very stylish ones at that. Choose from an array of colors – some with embellishments. They are the perfect decoration for around the house in fall and sell for $28 each. Jeanne’s scarves are unique and stylish, too, and are either completely felted, or incorporate her felting talents into the scarf ($45-48 each).

Her sari necklaces are on a long chain are great for that “relaxed” look, and she also sells felt necklaces that are round and set into different metals ($28-32 each). Both necklaces make a great gift for anyone on your list who is creative and fun. Jeanne also creates small felted bowls that, when filled with something personal or fun, make great gifts! Each one has a vibe all its own and range from $28 - $34 each. BCA members receive 10% off gift shop and gallery purchases.

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