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Prairie Tales: The Tale of the Warren County Home

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

In Season 2, Episode 9 our trio of Prairie Tales podcasters-Stacia Mattan, Mary Osborne, and Cathy Sheagren-explore the old (but not forgotten) Warren County Home. Many people will remember the old Warren County Home, which was located five miles south of Monmouth on Route 67. Until 1967, it was a hub of activity—a large, looming building with a staff that cared 24/7 for the county’s poor and sick who had no other place to live. In this June edition of Prairie Tales, Cathy Sheagren shares Jeff Rankin’s story of the Warren County Home and how caring for those in need began to take root here on the prairie in the early 1800s. Click the link to listen to the complete story.

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