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Mary Ann McNeil

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Mary Ann McNeil, owner of DeZigns By M, is a second career entrepreneur who has always been passionate about fashion design. More specifically, she enjoys accessorizing outfits with unique jewelry. It is her passion that has led her to start-up her own jewelry design business. As you will discover from the jewelry and scarves for sale in the BCA gift shop, her diversity of designs varies enough to accommodate the most conservative to the most exotic outfits. Multiple artists and designers inspired her to start, to be creative, and to develop her skills.

McNeil incorporates buttons in almost all of her jewelry. She layers them on rocks, stones, wood, glass, and more buttons. She has new smashed button jewelry from a designer in Colorado that has classes sharing her ideas and techniques. Her "It's a Wrap" bracelets do not have buttons on them…YET! They are leather cords with curved tube beads, charms, and a stylish clasp. They go with any outfit and fit 5-year-olds to 95-year-olds alike. Her Sassy Scarves don't have buttons either. This idea came from a designer in Minnesota that could not keep up with demand, and then retired. Each scarf has 8 to 10 different yarns that might include silk, bamboo, acrylic, cotton, and paper in 54 different colors. She is constantly trying to find new and different yarns and metals. Her website is and Facebook page is DeZigns By M.

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