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J. Kirk Perry "The Key of Brundag"

Please join us in welcoming Metamora IL writer, J Kirk Perry, to our BCA Gift Shop. Perry has written a trilogy of books starring Melik - the Empress’s favorite agent, and Midnight - his black cat familiar who happens to be an Elven Prince.

The first book in the series, "The Key of Brundag", is about a quest to recover an ancient relic with the power to control dragons. Avid readers have shared the following about this trilogy…"Dwarves, elves, orcs, dragons, and humans gather to create a fabulous adventure of magic and intrigue you won’t be able to stop reading.”, “A delightful and enchanting look into another world. Melik Nightcat and the Elven Prince books are filled with adventure, curiosity, thoughtfulness, and so much more.” The books sell for $15 each, and BCA members receive a 10% discount.

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