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Hot Ice

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

On view June 2-August 14, Michael Godsil and Harlow Blum come together with a collection of work reflecting Godsil's 30-year photographic study and retrospective of glaciers juxtaposed with Blum's mixed media work paralleling the same subject.

Michael Godsil:

My photographs of glaciers and icebergs in this exhibition are the culmination of what has been a 30-year, self-assigned creative project that started with my first trip to New Zealand in 1989; which was also when I first viewed a glacier in person. Little did I know at that time, but the subject of glaciers, and later the icebergs that calve from them, would occupy multiple photography trips to several parts of the world; nor did I imagine that it would become a photography project spanning 30 years! During those trips, I have photographed this ancient ice from the land, sea, and air: most often from a helicopter with the door off. My most recent images in this exhibition were taken in 2019 in the Canadian Rockies, and New Zealand, which both included exciting helicopter flights with one door off. No “drone photos” in this show!

Harlow Blum:

Much of my creative work has been a response to nature. A continuing theme has been climate change, a reaction to the effects of global warming as seen in the fast-diminishing glaciers and ice packs and the threat of rising waters to coastal cities worldwide. We can see the impermanence of man-made structures in the face of the forces of nature. The time span of these works, 1986 – 2020, has allowed me to explore, not only the topic, but the use of a wide range of collage materials, including expandable foam, which provides the three-dimensional effect in some of the images.

Note from the BCA Gallery: The BCA gallery will practice social distancing throughout the exhibition; the wearing of masks is required at all times while in the gallery.

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