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Harlow Blum

I have responded to the beauty of nature throughout my career as an artist. This response has been incorporated into many continuing and wide-ranging themes in my work which include the effects of global warming, the cycles of nature in volcano eruptions and lava flows, the majestic forms of mountains and canyons, and the serene calm of Japanese landscapes and gardens. My travel to Asia and my research of Asian art and culture has had a profound impact on my work over a period of many years.

I use a wide variety of textural materials in my acrylic collage paintings, including sand, resins, bird gravel, papers, particularly Japanese handmade papers, Japanese cedar boards, and rusted metals. Another important material is expandable foam which is used in many of my Fire and Ice works. 

Ideas for a new work are often sparked by found items or materials that have the potential of being transformed into an art form, sometimes as the subject or as one of the elements which contributes to the whole. My Rust Works series is an example of giving new life to otherwise discarded materials. After several decades, I  continue the search for new materials while I revisit old themes and discover new ones.

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