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Eric Olson

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Olson is the James Keefe Gallery Featured Artist for January and February, 2020.

Olson’s inspiration for this show stemmed from his childhood fascination with rocks like geodes and agates, basically anything with color patterns in a linear form. In 2007, he was five years post-graduation from Monmouth College and hadn't done anything with his art since he graduated. Looking for an art outlet, he started exploring abstract watercolors. His experimentation turned into 2,500 paintings in about three years, few of which he sold, but Olson had transformed his technique and effort into something as close to the outcome he wanted with those mediums.

Shortly thereafter, the materials Olson used were no longer available and he couldn't find a replacement that worked, so he stopped painting. Fast forward to December 2016, Olson is again looking for an artistic outlet and he began to research linear paintings and related subject matter. He came across pour painting. Instantly, it reminded him of what he was trying to push watercolors. Again, for three years, Olson pushed the technique to the point he is today. Almost all his art has been created to cause the audience step closer to view it. It's not until you are within the intimate space of the artwork that you see the finer the details. Olson’s work is on view through February 29. See you in the Keefe Gallery for a closer look.

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