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Dusty Scott

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Dusty Scott Bio

I was born and raised in Galesburg, Illinois where, during my childhood, I worked as a carpenter for the family business. I was into just about anything creative when I was a kid. After high school, I went to Monmouth College where I was an art and physical education major. I eventually earned a master of science degree in Exercise Science from Western Illinois University. My wife and I moved to Iowa for several years and I worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor at a hospital and several gyms. I continued to paint portraits and various other styles of painting. Missing family and working with my hands, my wife and I moved back to Galesburg where I went back to work for the family business and immersed myself into painting and other creative projects.

Artist Statement

As a kid, we are all taught that art is supposed to be fun and that we should all create. From this, we move to hours of drawing and painting meaningless still life pieces, working on various techniques and mediums and we are graded on our ability and success in capturing those images. After the initial herd is thinned down due to lack of encouragement or valued ability, those who remain are taught that art is complex and much of its purpose is to have strong comments and grand themes. We are taught to admire the greats and appreciate the rule breakers that came before us. Then, it is time for us to create our own art with meaning and substance, at which point many people’s work is criticized, dismissed, and possibly controlled by critics. The herd is thinned once more. At this point, many who are left face the reality that unless you have a truly unique story, much of what you do has already been done. I used to worry about this a great deal--so much so I wanted to quit painting and creating. But then, I decided that I wanted to take what I had learned and go back to the beginning. This is what my art is about; I am still just a kid that loves to draw and color. I need it like I need to breath. While many continue to debate the question, “What is art?” I will be drawing, painting, and breathing.

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