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Featured Artist: Cherry Galusha Simmons

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

My family home is only fifteen minutes away, near Bald Bluff, in Henderson County. Being surrounded by fields and pastures all my life, has made me witness the passing of the seasons, and the ebbs and flows of life. Nature is a curious subject to observe. Heaven and earth, nature and science mingle in an intriguing way.

My art and art style changes, just as the seasons change. Life gets interrupted. Once again, the ebb and flow of creating art comes and goes. I’m inspired by nature, the transition of seasons, and the fields that surround me. I observe the movement of grasses, leaves and birds in flight. Just like Monet, I enjoy observing changes in color, atmosphere, and formations in the sky. I have a wide open view and never have to leave home to be inspired by the fields that surround me and the colors that are ever changing. I create images of sentimental “information”, of nature and life that surround me.

I’m constantly searching, exploring, and discovering ways to express what I see and think, and I choose a variety of mediums to help me achieve desired effects. My art style is not constant, just like time and life. HOME is where the HEART is.

Cherry's work is on view in the James Keefe Gallery through August 31, 2021.

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