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Deb Lutz

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Deb Lutz has been an artist all her life and has worked with multiple disciplines including needle arts, Ukrainian eggs, floral design, garden design, quilting, and ceramics until she found her love and passion for fractals. Her dedication to refining the images and the colors is reflected in her finished work. She does her own framing for each unique piece, and no two are ever framed the same. Her love for art goes above and beyond, as she collects frames from all over. 

She has learned a great deal through the years, but much of her knowledge was obtained from her time at Western Illinois University where she obtained a degree in Graphic Communication in 2005. In addition to the prints she creates, she also makes calendars, bookmarks, and note cards, and is currently working on a website.

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My website IS my artist Fractal page at Deb Lutz Fractals on Facebook. You can view many of my art pieces there and I maintain an album of what's currently for sale.

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