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Beth Shadur

Beth Shadur is an artist whose work has been exhibited in solo and group shows nationally and internationally in a variety of venues. Her work, comprised primarily of works on paper, is included in Christopher Finch’s Twentieth Century Watercolors, Abbeville Press, and in many catalogues and publications.

Her most recent series aspires to explore the National Parks as pristine environments that need to be considered as sacred to protect the land and environment which serves as our nation’s natural legacy. The exhibition and research were funded, in part, from an Artist Grant through the Illinois Arts Council Agency; the support allowed her to visit and photograph the five national parks that are in Utah, and do continuous research for her artwork. Most importantly, she is reflecting on the impact of climate change, tourism, and man’s use of natural resources on each park; the paintings will reflect these concerns by representing the natural beauty, plants and animals impacted and threatened, and using text to address the fragility of the natural environment there. This work was preceded by a series investigating similar topics from residencies in Banff, Canada; Ballyvaughan, Ireland; and Harfnarjardor, Iceland.

Shadur’s work is represented in private and public collections in the US and abroad. She has completed over 150 murals as both private commissions and as public and community art projects. She is currently represented by Springboard Arts Gallery, Chicago; is the Gallery Director at Prairie State College, Chicago Heights, IL; and serves on the Board of the Illinois State Museum.

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