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52nd-Annual Town & Country Art Show

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

2020 Awards

YOUNGBLOOD AWARD – For artistic promise and potential

Kindergarten – 5th Grade

WINNER: Beatriz Vasquez – “Rose” (1st grade)

6th Grade – 8th Grade

WINNER: Cadence Schisler – “God’s Light” (7th grade)

9th Grade – 12th Grade

WINNER: Nini Spirliev – “More than Meets the Eye” (12th grade)

GRACE BUCHANAN AWARD – For best use of medium


WINNER: Isaiah Empson – “Jellyfish” (5th grade)


WINNER: Kathryn Box – “Roses” (2nd grade)


WINNER: Judith Tepexicuapa – “Empty” (12th grade)

Pen, Ink, Pencil

WINNER: Chia Li – “The World” (8th grade)


WINNER: Markus Munson – “Wire Tree” (10th grade)


WINNER: Samantha Boughton – “Everything” (12th grade)


WINNER: Julia Underwood – “As Above So Below” (11th grade)


WINNER: Riley Newberry – “Beauty of Southern Illinois” (12th grade)

Mixed Media

WINNER: Maddie Lee – “Tidbit” (12th grade)

BEST OF DIVISION – For overall outstanding artwork within age group

Kindergarten – 5th Grade

WINNER: Van Balmer – “John Lennon” (4th grade)

6th Grade – 8th Grade

WINNER: Libby Miller – “Pop Tarts & Donut” (8th grade)

9th Grade – 12th Grade

WINNER: Giovanni Godina – “I’m Back!” (12th grade)

SUSAN TWOMEY INNOVATION AWARD – For creativity, unique perspective, and artwork that stands out among a sea of artwork and shows tremendous promise within the entire exhibition

WINNER: Stella Narkiewicz – “Dewey Decimal Book Box” (12th grade)

KATHY LOWE-ARTHUR AWARD – Awarded to one junior high student for outstanding artwork

WINNER: Harry Waugh – “Hunter” (7th grade)

LYNN FINCH AWARD – Awarded to one 2nd – 6th grade student for unique/mature artwork and execution of technique for his/her age

WINNER: Charley Cargill – “Galaxy Set” (5th grade)

JOHN OHLER DRAWING AWARD – Awarded to one student for outstanding artwork in the medium

WINNER: Jacqualyn Richardson – “Figure/Fabric Study” (12th grade)

BEST OF SHOW – For overall outstanding artwork within the entire exhibition

Sponsored by AAUW

WINNER: Emma Saltzman – “Kristina” (11th grade)

We are delighted to host another brilliant display of our area's K-12th grade artistic talent! Town & Country Art Show on view March 10 - April 24, in the BCA gallery. See you tomorrow (Wednesday, March 11) for a sneak peek during Old Friends Talk Art at 10am, and again for the awards at 3pm Saturday, March 14. Artist credit: Jacqualyn Richardson "Grandma Minnie" Mercer County High School

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