Are you ready to see the most incredible sword fight on film? A damsel in distress? A pirate that just won’t die? A man with six fingers? Come see The Princess Bride Saturday, August 25 on the Pattee Plaza … for FREE!

Our one-night-only outdoor theatre will show this iconic film at dusk, and will serve free (yes, FREE!) refreshments at 7:30pm to enhance your viewing pleasure. Bring your sweetheart! Bring the kids! Bring Grandma and Gramps! Bring the neighbors! Bring chairs to sit on! We only do this once a year, so mark your calendars for the big event. 

We will show the film at the Pattee Plaza on the square in downtown Monmouth on Broadway and Main. It’s an impromptu outdoor theater…for just one night! … what’s more fun than THAT?!

Compliments of the Buchanan Center for the Arts.